Kamil Masters 1st Part And 2nd Part Form Fill up 2019

Kamil Masters form fill-up notice 2019.
Bangladesh Islamic Arabic University has declared Kamil 1st part and 2nd part form fill-up notice by their official website. Islamic Arabic University Kamil Master 2018-19 Session Regular, irregular, and Improvement form fill-up. The student who is admitted to Kamil Master 1st part and 2nd part this type for their exam form fill-up.


Kamil Master 1st Part Form fillup 2019

Students who are study at Kamil Masters have to fill up their exam form for the Kamil Masters 1st Part examination 2019.

You need to fill-up the form before expire the exact date and time for Kamil 1st Part. After fill up your form you have to pay exam fees for your upcoming exam. You must collect your payment slip because it is important for your pay fees for examination.


Kamil Master 2nd Part Form fillup 2019

This is also the same with Kamil 1st Part form fill-up process 2019. You need to fill up your Kamil 2nd Part form fill up for your examination.

If you can not fill up your form then you can not join Kamil Master 2nd part examination 2019.

Before expire the date of form fill up the time you must complete the form fill up process.


When will start kamil Masters Exam?

Islamic Arabic University announced that Kamil Masters Exam will start on 19th February 2020.

Students have will fill-up their exam form fillup only they can sit exam hall.
No one can attend Kamil Masters 1st Part and 2nd Part examination without form fill-up process.


Additional Information of Kamil Masters

Islamic Arabic University on education part in Bangladesh. Every year a lot of students participate at the Kamil Masters examination.

This education system equal to the General Masters system. Anybody can apply to complete their Fazil education part.


Kamil Masters form fill up Schedule

Now we are going to show you the Important time and date for Kamil Masters 1st part and Kamil Masters 2nd Part form fill up 2019.

Kamil Masters Form Fill-up


Online Form fillup start 13/01/2020


Online Form Fill-up End 25/01/2020


Bank Fees & others submit 13/01/2020


Bank Fees Submit End 26/01/2020


Late Form Fill-up 26/01/2020


Late Form Fill-up End 30/01/2020


Late fees bank Payment 26/01/2020


Late fees Bank Pay Last 30/01/2020


Kamil Masters Form Fill up Fees

We are going to show you about Kamil Master 1st part and 2nd part form fill-up fees 2019.

Kamil Masters Form Fill-up


Kamil Masters 1st Part 1325 -/BDT


Kamil Masters 2nd Part 1775 -/BDT

If you were late form fill-up student then you have to pay extra 300 -/BDT as late fee and if you want to improve Gradu then you have to pay 400 -/BDT per subject.

Kamil Master Form Fill-up Notice 2019


Kamil Masters 1st part and 2nd part form fill up notice:


Download Kamil Masters Form Fill-up Notice PDF

Kamil Master Form Fill-up Notice PDF.


Conclusion: if you need any information about Kamil Masters Form fill-up then make a comment in below comment box. We will answer you fast.

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