Fazil Honours Viva Exam Notice 2019

Fazil Viva Exam date
Fazil Honours Viva Exam Notice 2019. The Islamic Arabic University of Bangladesh has published a notice about Fazil Honours Viva and in course exam date on their official website at Iau.edu.bd.

Islamic Arabic university one of the most popular education systems in Bangladesh. A huge number of students are admitted to an Islamic Arabic university.

Fazil Honours viva exam 2019


This education system same as general university education but different syllables for Islamic Arabic University students. You can also see Kamil 1st part registration notice 2019.

Fazil Honours 2nd year exam (old syllable) and Fazil 3rd year, 4th-year viva exam.

Fazil Honours Viva exam 2019

We already know that when Islamic Arabic University completes written examination they take viva examination. College teachers take student’s viva exams at their own institute.

College teachers give viva marks after complete the student viva exam. Every student should attend the viva exam otherwise the student will be not allowed for viva exam marks.

If you can not attend the viva exam will not get this viva exam marks from college teacher.


Fazil Honours In course Exam 2019

Every year a lot of students participate in the Fazil honours examination. Bangladesh Islamic Arabic University has started Honours and degree pass courses like all of Bangladesh University.

Fazil Honours equal to Honours and Fazil equal to degree pass course. Students need to participate in their in-course examination.

If you attend in course examination you will get extra marks of exam which is come from your every subject. so you have to attend in course examination at the right of the exam date.


Fazil Honours viva exam date

Islamic Arabic University has announced the viva and in course date by their official website.


Fazil Honours viva exam Pdf notice


Fazil Honours Viva exam will start on 10 December 2019 at your own college place.

Viva and in course exam will be completed before 11 January 2020. And each college will be submitting total numbers of marks online to the mainboard.

After completing the total mark of the exam they will publish the exam result.

Infographic of Fazil viva exam 2019


Infographic of Fazil Honours Viva exam
Fazil Infographic


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