NU ECE 4th part 7th semester result board challenge 2020

NU Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 4th part, 7th-semester board challenge notice 2020.

ece board challenge notice 2020
ECE Board Challenge 2020

The National University of Bangladesh has been published the exam result 2020 for ECE 4th part, 7th semester before a few days ago. Many students do not satisfy their results.

The National University has published a notice for those students who want to do re-check their exam papers. You can apply for board challenge or recheck your exam paper if you think something mistake with your marks divides.

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This is an online system to re-check your paper. You have to apply online for board challenge. If you read my post then you will understand well about the board challenge system.


Important time and date for ECE board 2020

You can not apply for board challenges after expired the official time and date. You have done with nu official time and date for Re-check your exam paper.


ECE 4th part 7th semester board challenge 2020

Online apply start 25th February 2020
Online apply end 3rd March 2020
Online Apply end Time 2:00 PM
Payment submit last time 4:00 PM



ECE Board challenge Notice


here is the board challenge notice for ECE 4th part, 7th-semester board challenge.


 ece board challenge notice 2020
ECE Board challege

How to apply for the ECE Board challenge?

Many students do not know how to apply for nu board challenge. In this post, I will show you how to do the board challenge for ECE 4th part 7th semester result 2020.

  •  1st all of you have to go National University board challenge page by click here.
  • then click on student’s fee.
  • then Click on Re Security Fee.
  • you will see an enter page for fill up Registration number and year, semester name.
  • next click on the Search button. after login, you will see all the information.
  • now fill up this menu with your information and mark your subject then submit.

it looks like below image:


CEC Board challenge
Board Challange 1at way


then follow 2nd page

ece board challenge system
then next do


after login select your subject for Re-check which is called board challenge. after the finished subject choice, you need to download the form for pay fee to the bank.

after download print the page for submit to bank with NU bank numbers. you will see the bank number from the print copy.


how much money for ECE board Challenge?

the National University of Bangladesh has announced the board challenge amount for every subject. if you want to re-check your one subject then you have to pay 800BDT by Sunali Sheba Bank.

after sending the payment you should collect your payment slip from the bank.

Important note: After expired the time and date no one can apply for Re-check their exam papers. if you make any mistake then NU authority not be able to take any action.


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