Dakhil Exam Result 2020 All Board

Dakhil Exam Result 2020

Dakhil Exam Result Madrasha board 2020. Hello! Are you searching for Dakhil Exam Result in 2020? Which Held under the Madrasha Education Board of Bangladesh?

Don’t worry I will help you with your Dakhil result check 2020. We know that the Dakhil examination controlled by the Madrasha education board. Dakhil education is equal to the S.S.C education level.

In this post, I will show you all about Dakhil and S.S.C exam result check system. You can download or print your exam result if you follow our post.

Dakhil Exam 2020

The Madrasha authority board of Bangladesh has finished the examination for Dakhil 2020. Every Year a lot of numbers of Madrasha students are participating in the Dakhil examination.


  Important time and date for Dakhil exam 2020
Exam Year 2020
Exam started Day February 03, 2020
Exam Time 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Exam Durations 03 Hours
Exam Marks 100
Exam type written
Exam Ended day March 01, 2020


Dakhil is an Islamic education level for Madrasha students. Every student learning much Islamic knowledge and general knowledge like school level students. Dakhil examination is an equal program with S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate).  


Dakhil Exam Result 2020

This is very simple to get your Dakhil exam results. You can easily check your Dakhil Exam Result 2020 by above following steps. Every Madrasha student can attend in Dakhil level education after passing the Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examination.

Every student is very curious about their exam result after finished the examination. In this way, I am going to tell you all official and private methods to collect your Dakhil exam result in 2020.

If you read my post carefully then you can easily collect your Dakhil exam result with a full mark sheet.


When Dakhil Result 2020 will publish?

This is a very common question from all Dakhil exam result candidates. Every Exam Result candidates are very excited to know their results with a full mark sheet. The Dakhil Exam Result in 2020 depends on the Madrasha authority board. But there is Covid19 problem made the late result of the Dakhil exam result 2020.

In the last year, the education board has been published the Dakhil Exam result 1st week of May 2019. This year SSC, dakhil, and other exam results will be published on 31st May 2020.


How to Check Dakhil Result 2020?

There are two types of methods about result check. I will show you both systems to know your Dakhil Exam Result 2020. You will know all the systems by our website www.nunotice.com.

See that system bellow:

  1. Online system.
  2. Message Send (SMS).
  3. Our Website.


Dakhil Result 2020 Online

Now I will show you Dakhil online result 2020. Every exam result published by their official website. You will get the real exam result from the bellow system because I will show you the process using the official website.

You just take your mobile or pc to check your exam result from online 2020. Make sure that you have a date for an online result check because if you have no data then you can check your result from online.

1st all of you have to go official website by Click Here.

Now you will see an enter page check your result.

Dakhil Result 2020
dakhil Result check


Now fill up all boxes with your own information like bellow.

Dakhil Result 2020
Examination Select/Dakhil
Year Select 2020
Board Select Madrasha
Roll Type Your Roll Number
Regi: Number Type your own Regi Number
Do simple math like 2+3
You have to write below box 5
Now click to Submit Bottom



Dakhil Exam Result online 2020

We already know due to high Visitor sometimes result check website got down for a while. No one can check the result if the website got down. But I will give you one more website to check the Dakhil Exam result 2020.

This is another one website for check Dakhil Exam Result with Marksheet. Dakhil Exam Result Candidates can collect their exam result from another website.


Just follow my below instructions step by step:

Dakhil Result with Marksheet
Marksheet Result




Dakhil Result 2020 from online

1st You need to go result check Dakhil Result Check
 Then click to SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
Select Examination SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
Select Year 2020
Select Board Name Madrasha
Select Result Type Individual Result
Type Roll Write Your Roll Number
Type Registration Optional
Security Key Write security key
At last Click Get Result


Not only Dakhil Exam Result. You will get SSC, JSC, JDC, HSC, Alim, and Technical Exam Result too.


Dakhil Result with Marksheet 2020

The exam mark sheet is most important for every exam candidates. The mark sheet shows you each subject single marks.

If you follow the above step you will get the Dakhil Exam result with full mark sheet. Just follow my instruction for your Dakhil exam result with your full mark sheet.

Dakhil Exam Result 2020 Via Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS one of the most popular ways to check exam results. Most students do not know the manner that how to check exam results via SMS Send.  I will help you to know the system to check your Dakhil Exam Result by SMS. You can also check bd govt jobs 2021


Just follow the bellow system:

1st all of you have to know that you have enough balance for SMS send cost. Now go to mobile Message Option. Then write new SMS bellow format.


Dakhil MAD Roll Number Year and send to 16222.

For Example:

SSC MAD 124422 2020

Then Send to 16222.

After send wait a while for reply result SMS.

From reply SMS you will see your exam result.


SSC Exam 2020

The Secondary School Certificate is called S.S.C too. This is the public examination in Bangladesh. The education board of Bangladesh has announced the exam time table by the official website.

Our Honorable education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said this year increased exam candidates from the last year. Many students participate in the SSC Exam in 2020.


  Important time and date for SSC Exam 2020
Exam Year 2020
Exam started Day February 03, 2020
Exam Time 10:00 AM To 1:00PM
Exam Durations 03 Hours
Exam Marks 100
Exam type written
Exam Ended day February 27, 2020

How to See SSC Result Online 2020

This is very simple to check the SSC exam result. Everyone can check their SSC Result after read my post fully. Before checking your SSC Result from online you need to have an internet connection able mobile or pc. Then you have to make sure with your exam information.

Lest see my instruction bellow step:


SSC Exam Result 2020 marksheet
SSC Result



SSC Exam Result 2020

At first, go to result check Website by click here
Examination Select/Dakhil
Year Select 2020
Board Select your Board name
Roll Write Your Roll Number
Regi: Number Write Your Own Regi Number
Do simple math like 2+3
You have to write below box 5
Now click to Submit Bottom


After done you will see your SSC Exam Result 2020 with full mark sheet. If you see this website get down or you cannot see your result then go to the bellow website for SSC Result.


Just follow my below instructions step by step:

SSC Exam Result 2020 from online
First You have to go result check Website here
Now click On SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
Now Select Examination SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
Then Select Year 2020
Then Select Board Name Your Own Board Name
Then Select Result Type Individual Result
Roll Write Your Roll Number
Then Write Registration Optional
Security Key Write security key
At last, You have to Click Get Result


In a short time, you will see the SSC Exam Result with Full Marksheet.

Cannot see online result 2020? Follow the SMS Send Result Check.


How to see SSC Result by SMS

The most common question that how can I check my SSC exam result Via SMS Send?  Nowadays Message Send is the best 2nd way to check any exam result. If you do not have any good mobile.

if you don’t understand well about online then SMS Send is a good way to check your exam result.

Don’t worry! Here I will show you an example of SSC Exam Result 2020.


You just write the message like below:

You cannot use any free SMS for the result check. You should recharge your main balance before Send SMS for SSC result check.

Here is an example for SSC Exam Result Mobile SMS send.


  • Go to your Mobile Message option.
  • Then write a new SMS like bellow.
  • Example:
  • SSC Board Name Roll Number Year and send to 16222.

For Clear Example:

SSC CTG 362848 2020

Then Send to 16222 Numbers.

You just wait a moment. You will see a reply SMS with your SSC Result 2020.

Education Board short Name in Bangladesh

Most of the students do not understand that what is my first three board short names. If you do not know then read it. Education Board first three letters need for check exam result via SMS Send.

That’s means you have to write 1st 3 letters of your Division name.

As like my division name is Mymensingh. So it will be MYM as 1st three letters.


How to see SSC Technical Result 2020

This is not hard to check the SSC Technical Result check. It is the same with the general SSC Exam result check system. You just need to change your board name with the Technical board.

just go to the website and select your board name as Technical.

Technical Result server 1

Technical Result server 2


Hi there. It’s the same as other SMS systems. Let’s see the way to check your SSC technical exam result via SMS.

Go to your Message option and like bellow format SMS.

For example:

SSC TEC Roll Number Year and send it to 16222.

SSC TEC 56374 2020

Send to 16222 numbers.

After a moment you will see the exam result.



Education Board name with 1st three letters
Full Education Board Name First three Letters
Dhaka Board DHA
Mymensingh Board MYM
Barisal Board BAR
Chittagong CTG
Comilla Board COM
Jessore Board JES
Rajshahi Board RAJ
Sylhet Board SYL
Dinajpur Board DIN


There are two alternative education boards in Bangladesh.

Full Board Name First three Letter
Technical Board TEC
Madrasha Board MAD


That’s all of the Bangladeshi education board list.


Grading System in Bangladesh

The Grading system is appalled only for class 1 to 12 levels. In this table, I show you grading system in Bangladesh for the education system.


Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Points

0 to 32



33 to 39



40 to 49



50 to 59



60 to 69



70 to 79



80 +





Infographic of Dakhil Exam Result

Dakhil Result check the video


Conclusions: thank you for your time with us for reading our post with enough patience. If you want to ask any question or if you can’t check your result then write your roll number with board name. We will give you an exam result after published the result by the official.

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